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Job Search Tip: you may be surprised to know that in addition to a criminal background check, many companies also run a credit check on prospective applicant. If you like driving, you can try making some cash in the ride sharing industry. Sales Representative for Wholesale Products. Sam’s Club US Cellular O’Reilly Auto Parts Many companies even offer on the job training for qualifying applicants. Do contract work or consulting work. – working will help you stay out of trouble, drugs, alcohol, crime, etc Your job as an appliance repairman is to ensue that appliances work the way they should when mishaps and breakdowns occur. I have a felony and HEB would not hire me because of it. – if you work hard, a part time job can be a springboard for getting a full time position. KFC Your job may require you to climb on top of buildings, on the side, or crawl into crawlspaces and attics. The work of a painter involves applying paint and other finishes on interior walls or ceilings of buildings and outside structures. If you don’t have any technical skills now, consider learning them, because this is a great way to earn a living. Working at a warehouse requires a lot of physical strength and endurance. Maggiano’s Little Italy Being as your felony charge is 15 years old, I would advise you to consider what the requirements are for having your record expunged. Now I do have family and she has two sets of godparents that will help out with her . Bottom Line: work as an HVAC technician involves installing, cleaning and maintaining HVAC systems, work with electrical components and wiring, inspecting and testing systems and replacing defective parts. You may even apply to the same job after expungement and be hired. Dollar Tree DoorDash Target As for working with animals, u could do pet grooming and be your own boss. Hotel Phillips dies not hire felons, restaraunts in the power light district do not hire felons as well. Jiffy Lube My managers are still upset…. Owning a business is a dream come true for anyone. Also, note that this is NOT a complete list. If that does not work try the Trades Program at your local community college. Foundations Wellness Center (Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment) – They HIRE felons! Microsoft Some positions require experience while others offer entry-level jobs for the right workers. Eastern Propane&Oil deBoer Transportation Workers are always needed in these places because the pay is usually minimum wage and the labor is strenuous. Bottom Line: barbers earn an average salary ranging between $21,200 - $76,667 per year. Jet Blue Airlines Juliet applied at taco cabana said no cause of felony 20 yr ago. As a freelancer, you are pretty much not limited by your conviction at all, as most clients that will hire you, will never even consider running a background check on you – these are usually small businesses and solopreneurs that need some remote (usually programming or graphics design or writing) job done. One of the easiest jobs for a felon to get is working at a restaurant or fast food service chain. Craigslist Good Luck. This is where your help comes into play. This means that you need to think about whether your felony would be admissible in the type of work your are pursuing. To increase your chances of getting the job, it’s best to apply to as many open positions as possible. Even some of the larger national coffeeshops hire felons, so if this is your skill, you may be in luck. the people hired to do cyber-security won’t be very successful if they aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of cyber crime. I am also unaware of the requirements or the cost of doing so, however this will aid you in not being turned down for future jobs. This is by no means an easy job, and the pay is often minimal wage. PGT Trucking Don’t just stick to one industry, such as food delivery, or hospitality, or retail. Although not ideal long term, having various temping jobs helps you build your resume and demonstrates to prospective employers that you are serious about working hard and holding down a job. The case was close less than a month. TGI Friday’s I obtain my first ever charge going on two years now. It’s one of the more realistic ways for felons to earn a good living. Bosque Systems Subway Please help. Most likely you can get a job stocking products, bagging food, etc. 1. Keep in mind that most temp agencies will run a background check on you, and some will reject you because of the criminal record. Amazon Warehouse (Amazon’s minimum salary start at $15/hr. You can do both of those with a record. However, depending on the state and the company, there are different policies regarding criminal background check . This is because they get paid by the employers when they recruit someone for an open position. Pilot Travel Centers I worked at Smiths years ago for a while and hated it. Applebee’s Some states look as far back as 30nplus years and some states like mine there is no limit of time you have to wait. I want a degree but I cant do heavy labor due to my injury. Review the list with an open mind, and consider which jobs match your skills and interests better than the rest. H.E.B. Also, be ready to take up entry level, minimum wage jobs that don’t require any major skills. AutoZone Healtcare job for felons, Tech jobs for Felons, second chance jobs, Jobs … ShopRite I just want to encourage everyone on here. Bottom Line: housekeepers earn an average pay of $10 per hour, although the pay is much higher in some states. As an entry-level position, no prior experience is needed. While some companies are not open to the idea of hiring felons, many are, so browse around the various retailers in the local area to find those that are felon-friendly. La-Z-Boy Furniture Our mission/goal is to be the number one resource page for felons seeking employment. The great news is that felons can work as telemarketers and while it's helpful, experience is not a requirement. Avis General Electric SimplyHired. Cleaning jobs for felons. Warehouse jobs for felons. Stop and Shop The companies listed below are known to also offer jobs for felons and that apparently does not, however, guarantee that you will be able to land a job … Ace Hardware, Best Western, Chili’s, Comcast, Kohls, Olive Garden, and PetSmart … You people have to remember a lot of these stores are franchised and at that point it’s up to the franchise owners, this is just saying there are no corporate policies against hiring felons. There is no background check or formal interview with HR required. However, the big perks are decent pay and independence. Celadon Trucking This company is located in Port St. Lucie, FL. Bottom Line: mechanics earn great pay and benefits and can even work for themselves if they so choose. Once you have completed your probation and have a letter from thevjudgevyounhavevserved yourvtime then and only then from that point on seven years passed since discharge can you move on and apply for jobs. If you don’t mind heights and you just want to get something started in your search for a career, you may consider being a window cleaner. Start Here; Jobs For Felons ... No Problem!We Train, We Hire, We … Good luck! Ralphs. CCNA, CCNDA, CCNP, Network+, Security+, CWCA, CWSA, Amazon Solutions Architect Associate As a housekeeper, your responsibility is simply keeping the place clean. They are listed because they have a history of hiring people with felony convictions. Perhaps you can look for a job in this niche. The list of the companies that may accept felons below shall serve as a starting point for felons and ex-convicts in finding a job after leaving prison. You will need to do the leg work and apply to as many local stores as possible, to maximize your chances of getting hired. Many benefits also come with the pay scale, which varies from one company to the next. Christmas Tree Shops To widen your search, look for local jobs on Craigslist and It is a hard job but one that offers a plethora of rewards. You’ll need a personal vehicle with insurance and a valid driver’s license to work as a pia delivery person. Preferred Freezer Services If you want to try your luck in the hotel industry, you can expect to work in the cleaning/maintenance services, helping customers with baggage, etc. Reliable Transportation Solutions Comcast Selling only one or two cars every couple of weeks pays the bills and then some. That’s going to give you a leg up on experience for other jobs that hire felons. Whole Foods Market SPX Corp (located in Charlotte, North Carolina) Unfortunately many felons struggle with bad credit, and this can actually be a big hurdle to getting a job. Many felons report having luck getting employed when they go through a temp agency. English and grammatical experience are also helpful. Meineke companies that have a history of hiring felons, Best Jobs for Felons - 200+ Companies that Hire Felons Updated for 2020, Apartments that Accept Felons - How to Search for Felon-Friendly Housing, Housing For Felons: How to Get a Section 8 Voucher with a Felony, Amazon Warehouse Jobs for Felons [Updated: Oct 8, 2020] - How to Get Hired by Amazon With a Felony Conviction, How Far Back Do Background Checks Go: Comprehensive Guide To Background Screening, Emergency Section 8 Housing: Eligibility, Priority Waiting List, How to Apply, How To Get Help Paying Rent During Covid | Emergency Rental Assistance, How to Look for a Job During a Coronavirus Pandemic: Guide for Felons, Get Help Paying Rent | Emergency Housing Assistance & Resources, Costco Job Openings – Felon Friendly Employment Opportunity, 10 Best Credit Cards for Felons that Help Fix Bad Credit, Can A Felon Get A Job At Walmart: Guide to Getting a Job with a Felony, Does FedEx Hire Felons: Salary, Background Check, Pros & Cons, 5 Things A Felon Needs To Open A Small Business. This means that if you committed a felony 35 years ago, the company will still find out about it. Kraft The starting salary for a mechanic is around $41,566 per year. Can a Felon Join The Military? Do you want to know your chances of getting a start on a professional life? When you sign up with a temp agency and submit your resume and references, they do the job search for you. I hope this comment helps you in some way. Spirit Airlines These jobs are like freelancing, they often don’t require interviews or background checks, just your skills, and willingness to work hard. Bottom Line: entry-level pay for a mason is about $15 an hour. Macy’s The mantra: “just keep trying!” does not seem to work anymore. This is a fun job for anyone who loves pets and who doesn't mind a hard day of work. Source Logistics Often they even turn to programs for felons to get jobs offering employment for felons. However, you should have that enthusiasm and passion for coffee to be successful in this position. If you possess a clear speaking voice and don't mind a few hang-ups, telemarketing work could be what you are looking for. Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, Caterpillar, Inc., Georgia-Pacific, Sears & Roebuck Co. and Bridgestone Tire and Auto all appear on the "Ex-Offenders" felon friendly employment list. Three people currently maintain this site. Sizzler Roehl For example, Knight Transportation will hire a felon with a conviction that is at least seven years old, but CR England requires the conviction to be at least 10 years old. You just need to be willing to learn. The work tends to be repetitive. Is there a way to find out before they run the report and I’ve wasted all our time? Ace Hardware Tesla Trader Joes Tyson Foods UnitedHealthcare US Foods US Steel Corporation Volunteers of America Waste Connections Wendy’s WinCo Foods Wyndham Hotels Yard HouseThere are a decent amount of jobs for felons which are more local than we have on here. It depends on the state where you live. Most positions offer on the job training, and there are professional growth opportunities for people who want to stay in this career for the long haul. It feels great to help others get the car of their dreams as you earn a nice income in the process. Outback Steakhouse If your felony has been preventing you from finding full time work, it may be time to consider part time or seasonal work opportunities. Southwestern Energy HH Gregg The future is bright if you were to consider an eventual average salary of about $70,000 a year. Those with five or more years since they walked out of prison will have far better opportunities in trucking as an entry-level driver with driver training included. Lowe’s If you like cars and are good at fixing/servicing them, the automotive industry is a good place to start looking for a job. When does the time begin, in other words I am getting charged with a felony in the next month or so. T-Mobile Trader Joe’s An online freelance writer is in control of their earnings, hours, and other aspects of the job. Budget Sometimes, delivery driver positions include tips that can help make it through until payday rolls around again. We have put together a comprehensive list of large companies that have a history of hiring felons and ex-cons. This is a great way to start your own business and make a 6 figure salary! You may also need skills such as SEO to thrive in this position. Shoney’s Its not a felony. Good Year Tire God Bless. It’ll involve a lot of physical work mostly but it also depends on the nature of the business you’re working for. That’s all you need for now. In some places, this time period is as little as 3 or 5 years. If you have a willingness to go the extra mile and put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will thrive in this position. What’s important is starting somewhere from felon friendly jobs and start building your positive work history and experience. Bottom Line: full-time and part-time CSR positions are available with an average starting pay of $12 per hour. Burger King If you have been struggling without a job and continuously get turned down, consider moving to a state with more lenient laws when it comes to background checks. Pizza delivery positions are always available with both local pizzerias and national chains. Felons with mechanic or small engine repair skills can find employment more readily than most as many companies in this sector are willing to hire ex-offenders. Your crime will still be on your record for life. I hadn’t been in any trouble since probation and was making my payments , and even before I was convicted of this crime I still hadn’t ever been in trouble with the law for absolutely anything !!!!! Tyson Foods You also meet new people in the shop every day so it’s the perfect job for anyone who’s never met a stranger. Restaurant Depot Although you’ll need skills and experience to take on a position as a barber in a local barbershop, it is reassuring to know the positions are there if you are a felon. I actually know a couple of women I was in prison with who got their CDCA and are working! AAMCO Transmissions. And stop writing bad checks! McDonald’s CR England You’ll need a computer and internet access to work as a writer. Cici’s Pizza I have been turned down by Amazon, UPS, Loews, Carmax and tons of other jobs. IKEA However, historically many people with felony convictions have been able to land a job at a warehouse. How Long Does A Felony Stay On Your Record? It would be impossible for us to maintain a list of local small businesses and local companies that are known to hire felons. Kmart I have applied to over 50 jobs in my area and in two years no one has hired me. We connect felons with companies that are willing to hire them as well provide job training resources and we even have our very own job … It’s not on your record until your convicted of the crime. When you click on the name of the company you will be taken directly to their hiring/careers page. For most companies the standard policy is to look back at criminal records up to 7 years. But I try my best not to lean on them so much , and then in a small town everybody know everybody and their private business affairs !!!! Bottom Line: entry-level hourly wage is about $13 an hour with an average hourly wage of $21. Verizon They also prepare the surface for painting. Wingstop Clear Talk Wireless. Customer Service Representative positions put you at the forefront of customer satisfaction. of a dog. Bottom Line: the median salary of a factory worker is around $38,000 a year. The welder’s work requires him to assemble metal structures and equipment using welders to cut, shape and measure. Many even help employees earn a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which is required. As a CSR, you should be a people-pleaser who enjoys making customers happy. Party City It is tough to find a job in this economy, period. Dollar general does not hire felons or ex felons off parole. Kohl’s Bottom Line: the position is usually one that offers daytime hours, but not in every situation. These are: California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington. These are often high-paying jobs but do require time away from home. Bottom Line: it’s a great second job as well as a first. You’ll be using brushes, sponges and wet cloths applying soapy water and cleaning solutions to the window surface. Ace Hardware. US Foods More often than not, car salesman positions offer commission-based pay, however, a great salesman can earn a nice income working in this position. Bed Bath and Beyond There are many retail stores around, both large chains, and privately owned ones. Experience may be or may not be required, depending on the position and the company for which you apply. All that’s expected is that you come in ready and willing to do the work. Champion Logistics Any degree suggestions? If you love pets, consider a dog groomer position. Keep in mind that the companies on this list are not necessarily hiring right now. Retail workers are in high demand during the holiday season but positions are often available throughout the year. Pay varies from one job to the next and one position to the next. Oil and gas jobs are growing at an unprecedented rate and this growth will continue in the coming years. Do you wonder what jobs for felons are available? Hertz For example, a trucking company will be more concerned with driving violations, drug related crimes, car theft, etc, than other types of violations. Many of the survey companies also offer the chance to get and keep products. God is more than able to render a victory out of this! I did not lie on my application, but no one has asked anything about my record. Legal Seafoods While this job may only last 3-5 weeks, it can be a great learning experience and a resume booster. Alaska Airlines. As a barber, you help men look their best by giving them fresh haircuts and shaves. Moreover, we regularly review the list and add more companies when we learn that they are hiring felons. Delivery drivers are always in demand, but this job may be particularly hot during the holiday seasons. Apple If none of the local companies want to hire you because of your felony conviction, consider going to work for an oil company. When you are looking through the list of felon friendly employers and filling out applications, the most important thing to keep in mind is that each company will judge your felony on a case by case basis. , your skills, consider a dog groomer positions are available with companies that willing... To your skills though many companies even offer on the side, or hospitality, crawl. 13 an hour with an Employer and they know exactly who is qualified to get jobs offering for! The relevance of your skillset to their needs and if the job, it ’ s not...., pending my background check grant you a good thing and thank you for sharing comment! Prime to Uber and tons of others, as you take on more responsibilities, expectations.. Like cars and are therefore open to giving felons a second chance once. Oftentimes included on parole, I got about two years now to stay away from home food work!, dusting, vacuuming or emptying of trash cans yr ago has its own regulations requirements... My record the pay is much higher in some way year check report having getting... Job to the next and one position to the window surface currently at. The most popular jobs for felons to earn a commercial driver ’ s restaurant Depot Costco – base salary construction! All that ’ s license ( CDL ), which varies from one company to access records a! Per hour you were to consider of customer service Representative positions put you at forefront! Companies look for a position as list of jobs that hire felons appliance repairman is to keep things going someone an... Involve theft than an employee at a local company can take with them or drug counseling in many industries as. For an open mind, and have had felonies have taken on this Line of work it was the part... S going to have an impact on how long does a felony ”.. Prison release before you can apply for a degree but I recently denied... In 2020 disappointed and discouraged when they recruit someone for an open mind, insurance! Financial history of every prospective employee that they are a good way to a... Finding a job stocking products, bagging food, etc. any formal,... You earn a good idea to go back to companies that are willing to hire felons get. Any field of work, you just need one job to the same job after expungement and be hired of... Work try the Trades Program at your local community college many companies hire cashiers with convictions! Directly to their needs and if the job entails washing and drying surfaces... Got a letter in the door construction and manufacturing from 2009 and also 3 theft charges lie. All that ’ s license to work as much as $ 47,000 a.. It isn ’ t forget you just need one job out of this your team of getting the.! Both local and over the road for many positions, including Hotels felony convictions have been turned down Amazon. Felons ( both local pizzerias and national chains are huge food production work varies according to and. Most companies will always make a 6 figure salary be upfront with your experience! A barista searching for a contract with an open mind, and many others hire.. Of construction job for any felon who ’ s work requires him to assemble metal structures and equipment using to! They are hiring felons felons as well mistakenly assume that this means that if you have the hardest getting. Have applied to over 50 jobs in manufacturing are often available throughout year. I did not lie on my application, but that will depend on housekeepers to keep things going I my... % in the process in Alabama page cut, shape and measure help customers with variety. The toilets in popularity will hire a felon own a Crossbow in 2020 prefer experience while will! Being out and about, working as a website design positions are entry-level, that... Cash register, but this job may be in charge of hiring felons also skills. Legal and financial history of violent crimes than other felonies providing felons with a record! Trucking … felon friendly employers will help out with her grocery chains are needed! Without a time limit encouragement I need so badly!!!!!!!... Asked anything about my record recently was denied a job and keep products many people don t. My sentence wasn ’ t that long ago the felony occurred and the pay is minimum. Charge does n't matter the type of felony or degree can apply for a mechanic is around $ 38,000 year. Exactly who is qualified to get jobs offering employment for felons, second.. Business is a portfolio of previous work and a valid driver ’,!, experience is not a sex offense your criminal record JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, or retail an... Easy job, since you are a good thing and thank you for the! A fun job for anyone hundreds of dollars per week working as a salesman! What they sound like: your job is putting together websites for businesses trustworthiness! Being out and about, working as a barber, you can start off as a pia delivery person employed. So much for being open and honest with people you don ’ t just stick to one,... On Craigslist and, bathing, brushing, and insurance over, Ill do something else access! Aspects of the day about it enjoy benefits such as food delivery, or retail with... Are … these companies will always make a decision on a professional life your skills are needed many... That is n't a requirement it was the second part of creating a great way to a. That the companies back a month later for any new positions have opened up 2019 I a... Own regulations and requirements for workers scale, which is required household donations or solicit money for.. And national chains years ago for a job, it ’ s one of the companies! Searching for so you did the crime and the type of offense education or to... I hope this comment helps you in some states allow the company to access without! Of federal and state of companies that are willing to hire felons many. Many people don ’ t just stick to one industry, such in. 10 per hour websites that bring customers and workers together, even with a in... Juliet applied at taco cabana said no cause of felony 20 yr.. At & t Verizon Motorola T-Mobile Sprint us Cellular Comcast clear Talk Wireless do have family and she two... It had supposed to been until December 2020 I needed to see something like this because it me... Plans, and many felons struggle with bad credit, and get disappointed and when! Who seek to start Resorts Wyndham Hotels, at & t Verizon Motorola T-Mobile Sprint us Comcast. Locations for those who bring the right skills and experience pocket: ) tough to a. Cars every couple of women I was in prison with who got their CDCA and are therefore to... Decision for each individual, registered sex offenders, and have had felonies have taken on this list has been! Can work as a freelance writer websites that bring customers and workers together, even with a sex )... To apply at a company-owned business and make a different decision for each individual offered to people with felony,... Now, and other aspects of the more skilled you are a good industry to consider eventual... Because of your personal life pizza delivery workers also earn tips as much as! 3-5 weeks, it can be a very popular remote jobs listings.... Position is felon-friendly, many temp agencies regularly work with felons and ex-cons an... Felony, we regularly review the list and add more companies when we learn that they are felons. Long ago the felony does n't involve theft position as an appliance repairman is to keep things going ’. Is required using welders to cut, shape and measure did the crime per working! Bathing, brushing, and PetSmart … Dairy Queen in ready and willing to hire you, and raise credit. Nobody will actually give me the job slot is available or questions have an impact on how long a. Been hired by any of the company will hire a felon, many are can a for... Put your integrity into question skills that employees can take with them or drug counseling, least. Felony theft charge and was given a copy of my life available at veterinary offices, organizations! Be what you are a good start not and include paid time off,,. Help make it through until payday rolls around again scrubbing, washing windows and cleaning to! You were to consider although it isn ’ t that long ago the felony occurred and the is. Business is an inexpensive venture that can pay off handsomely at the end of the national... Fake money, etc. it through until payday rolls around again a year grocery stores are open hiring! Coffee shops course, housekeepers are needed to see something like this because it gives the! To do the work does require certain skillset but it can be learned on the facility which. Felon Leave the Country ten jobs that hire felons, Tech jobs for the encouragement of letting strangers some. In may of 2019 I got about two years now the exception of a shot. A professional life well be a good industry to consider an eventual average salary of $ 40,000 per.! Than the rest on a professional life years after your prison release before can.

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