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The Unification of Cherubim & Seraphim Churches, Europe Chapter

Charitable Incorporated Organisation number 1188047

Officers - Identifications & photos

Service - Representative - Responsibility

We are regular persons who believe in bringing people together and relate to membership issues. Serving our community of believers is our cornerstone. 


John Adegoke


Special Apostle Pastor John O Adegoke
Minister-in-Charge: The Shilonite Gospel Church of C & S, Birmingham
Brings Theology, Ecumenism, Accountancy and Leadership to UoCnSC

Dr Richard Fasunloye

Dr Richard Fasunloye

Vice Chairman

Special Apostle Dr. Richard Fasunloye
Quantity Surveyors, Project Manager & Property Consultant
Brings Project Management, Theology and Organisational skills to UoCnSC

James Ayanda

James Jide Ayanda

Vice Chairman

Special Apostle Prophet James J Ayanda
General Leader/Chairman: Mt. Horeb (Intercontinental District) Movement Church of C & S
Ex-Bank Chief Executive; Brings management, Leadership, Ethics and literature to UoCnSC


Jare Oyewole

Secretary General

Most Senior Apostle ‘Jare Oyewole
Minister in charge: Christ the Resurrection C & S Church. London.
Brings office administration, Ecumenism, Accounting & Finance to UoCnSC


Damian Okonkwo

Deputy Secretary General

Most Senior Apostle Damian Okonkwo
Ex-Police Officer and Head of Administration at C & S HQ, London.
Brings office administration, Public Relations, Special Projects & Protocol to UoCnSC.

Special Mother Prophetess Ronke Lateef

Assistant Secretary General

Minister of E.S.O St. Michael Church of Christ, Dagenham. London.

Prophetess Victoria Amadin (Devine)

Publicity Secretary

Lawyer and an entrepreneur.
Brings General Administration, organisational skills and Theology to UoCnSC