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The Unification of Cherubim & Seraphim Churches, Europe Chapter

Charitable Incorporated Organisation number 1188047

Officers - Identifications & photos

Service - Representative - Responsibility

We are regular persons who believe in bringing people together and relate to membership issues. Serving our community of believers is our cornerstone. 


John Adegoke


Special Apostle Pastor John O Adegoke
Minister-in-Charge: The Shilonite Gospel Church of C & S, Birmingham
Brings Theology, Ecumenism, Accountancy and Leadership to UoCnSC

Dr Richard Fasunloye

Dr Richard Fasunloye


Special Apostle Dr. Richard Fasunloye
Quantity Surveyors, Project Manager & Property Consultant
Brings Project Management, Theology and Organisational skills to UoCnSC


Jare Oyewole

Secretary General

Most Senior Apostle ‘Jare Oyewole
Minister in charge: Christ the Resurrection C & S Church. London.
Brings office administration, Ecumenism, Accounting & Finance to UoCnSC


Damian Okonkwo

Assistant Secretary General

Most Senior Apostle Damian Okonkwo
Ex-Police Officer and Head of Administration at C & S HQ, London.
Brings office administration, Public Relations, Special Projects & Protocol to UoCnSC.